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Corrosion | July 2020


  • Identifying problems through condition surveys leading to specialist CMS designs
  • Dovetail with EN1504 repair strategy
  • Install embedded monitoring for proof of performance to ISO standards
  • ICRI Awards of Merit, Excellence and Project of the Year for UK and USA projects
  • AiMS management of structures since 2003.

Corrosion from trafficking in deicing salts to the decks is a common feature for concrete disrepair. Before breaking out concrete planning is vital and a comprehensive corrosion risk assessment can be done using 2D surface and 3D half-cell potential contour mapping.

Corrosion Management

SHL has designed corrosion management systems (CMS) for parking structures for over 2 decades with great success. Projects have been implemented around the UK and USA. Pioneering use of interoperable mitigation methods using ICCP, galvanic anodes, surface-applied corrosion inhibitors with waterproofing membranes to maximise economic benefits from each technique for the resilience management of these assets.

Asset Management

CMS offer control and resilience to enhance the service life of parking structures. Termination of the anode and cathode dc circuitry with embedded monitoring devices within networked zonal enclosures minimizes cabling whilst allowing remote data acquisition and electronic control of the protection systems online. AiMS is used to remotely manage data and control these systems as well as analysing data to track performance for the whole service life. Now the owner has online visibility of the system at all times to provide comfort that the asset is protected for its future.

Photo above shows typical anode chase layout for deck protection with ICCP before applying deck membrane

Photo above depicts Park Square MSCP in Newport that has implemented our design to 21 split levels using ICCP anodes within chases, galvanic anodes within downstand support beams and use of SACI where the survey and condition data allowed.

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