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Corrosion | July 2020


  • Identifying problems through condition surveys leading to specialist Corrosion Management System (CMS) designs
  • Dovetail with low carbon EN1504 repair strategy
  • Install embedded monitoring for proof of performance to ISO standards
  • ICRI Awards of Merit, Excellence and Project of the Year for UK and USA projects
  • AiMS management of structures since 1998.

Corrosion develops from moisture intrusion behind the cladding trapped within the mason’s mortar infill. Over time this propagates corrosion causing cracking and displacement of the masonry brick or stonework. The expansive nature of the corrosion means that it doesn’t take much corrosion to cause problems.

Photos above show The Light in Leeds that saw ICCP installed to the retained façade and 85 Fleet Street in London where discrete anodes were installed to 28-zones to protect the full building.

Corrosion Management

SHL has advised and designed for corrosion management systems (CMS) to reinforced concrete and masonry-clad buildings with great success. Projects have been implemented around the UK and USA. Designs follow ISO EN 15257 to Level 4 ICCP and with over 20 years experience the company is at the forefront globally for these solutions.

Asset Management

Corrosion Management System (CMS) offer control and resilience to enhance the service life of these important assets. Embedded monitoring devices and networked zonal enclosures minimize cabling whilst allowing remote data acquisition and electronic control of the protection systems online. AiMS is used to remotely manage data and control these systems as well as analysing data to track performance for the whole service life. Now the owner has online visibility of the system at all times to provide comfort that the asset is protected for its future enabling ease of buying and selling these properties with key data.

BOK Tower in Lake Wales, FL and 90 Church Street in New York City are two examples of adoption of ICCP designs to protect the life of heritage and prestigious buildings in the USA.

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