Corrosion Protection of Historic Building Façade

Corrosion | July 2020| 37 Fleet Street, London (C. Hoare & Co)


  • Built in 1829 for family private banking firm
  • In 2006, wrought iron cramps and pins needed corrosion protection
  • Discrete anode ICCP used within thin (1-2mm) bed joints
  • Online management using AiMS since 2007
  • ICRI Award of Excellence 2007
  • Operational online for 14 years without repair
Protection of building monitoring device

Discrete ICCP anodes and monitoring devices were designed for installation within the bed joints intersecting stone blocks and small “Dutchman” repairs to maintain an aesthetic finish.

Corrosion Protection

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) was designed by SHL for C-Probe Systems Limited in 2006 to provide long-term protection to wrought iron dog cramps and pins embedded within stone façade to the front elevation of this prestigious bank building. Specialist contractor, PAYE Stonework and Restoration, painstakingly connected each metal component identified by survey to ensure both electrical continuity of the wrought iron and also discontinuity of the anode and ironwork cathode.

Futureproofing valuable assets

Corrosion had established in over 500 iron components causing cracking to the stone blockwork. Once electrical continuity had been assured within each component to the next component these were grouped in zones for each level of the building for control purposes. Termination of the anode and cathode dc circuitry with embedded monitoring devices within each of 3 zonal enclosures allowed remote data acquisition and electronic control of the protection systems online. Now the owner has access to performance constantly and consistently to provide comfort that the asset is protected for its future.

Corrosion Protection of Historic Building Façade

Front façade after ICCP installed and showing pre-install wrought iron component location survey that graded corrosion risk by colour-coded positioning. Data courtesy of GB Geotechnics.

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