Our services reflect the RIBA Plan of Work 2020 from Strategic Definition through the Design Process to In Use tracking of performance of installed management systems.

Our people bring over 3 decades of experience in the field of corrosion management and open network architecture delivering your project to the online digital age with data and control at your fingertips.

Condition Surveys

Concrete cover and delamination surveys, half-cell potential surveys (surface contour and 3-D intrusive) and chemical testing using UKAS laboratories.

Corrosion mitigation system designs

with specialisms in use of surface-applied corrosion inhibitors as well as galvanic CP, impressed current CP and GI combination CP to meet ISO EN 12696:2016 and NACE SP0290-2019. CP designs are undertaken to Level 4 ISO15257:2019. Concrete repair, strengthening and protection strategies to EN1504 standard.

Concrete repair, strengthening and protection strategies

to EN1504 standard.

Open network monitoring and management system designs

utilizing the latest technology in the Internet of Things to improve the functionality and knowledge of structures.

Specification Support

from best practice corrosion advice to bid/ tender support.

Through contract support

and system verification testing.

In Use operation and management

of installed resilience systems using AiMS for service life tracking of performance.

Car Park Structure

Does your ICCP need TLC?

Do you have a Cathodic Protection system installed to any of your structures that has been neglected? It happens as we get busy or misunderstand the future requirements for man-agement of these systems.

Structural Healthcare introduces a new service that can bring your old investment back to life

We can:

  • Audit your existing system
  • Report faults and advise on remedial repairs that may be required
  • Perform remedial repairs
  • Advise and enact upgrades to the system
  • Provide ongoing management and operational services

That system should be protecting your structure for over 25 years and still can so contact us and we will meet with you to discuss the process free of charge anywhere in the UK.

Protect Building Structure

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