Historic Bridges

Corrosion | July 2020


  • Specialist use of discrete anode ICCP to protect end and cantilever beams with suspended slabs and half joints.
  • Extensive concrete repair programmes alongside corrosion protection
  • Complies with EN1504 and ISO12696:2016
  • ICRI Award of Excellence 2009 Bervie Jubilee Bridge

Dinnet Bridge (left and middle) span the River Dee south of
Balmoral is a strategic crossing for the forestry industry

Bervie Jubilee Bridge (right) was built to celebrate the Queen’s silver jubilee in 1977 and replacing the even older bridge built during the times of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Photo below depicts typical disrepair that was tackled in the repair and protection scheme.

Corrosion Protection of Historic Bridges

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) was designed by SHL for Aberdeenshire Council to provide resilient corrosion protection to two historic bridges for Aberdeenshire Council at Dinnet and Inverbervie in 2008. Pioneering use of discrete anodes was adopted to reach deep steel with ICCP current that could not be reached by surface methods.

Asset Resilience & Control

Corrosion had established in the concrete beams, joints and slabs requiring long-term protection strategy whilst being empathetic to the river used by local fisherman. Termination of the anode and cathode dc circuitry with embedded monitoring devices within networked zonal enclosures minimizes cabling whilst allowing remote data acquisition and electronic control of the protection systems online. Now the owner has access to performance constantly and consistently to provide comfort that the asset is protected for its future.

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